As The Crow Flies – Caw #1

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

I spent last October
In New Mexico
Performing my “Reading,
Writing and Rhythm” show

Las Cruces is the name
Of the town that I did
And it once was the home
Of Billy The Kid

This part of New Mexico
Is famous for chile
It has green ones and red ones
And of course there’s young Billy

Las Cruces is close
To El Paso, Texas
And I give that region
My O’s and my X’s

One of the schools
I did was all right
Daytime assemblies
And a Crow Movie night

The concert I did
Attracted much notice
Then they showed
“The Adventures Milo and Otis”

Each child attending
Got to sing, laugh and hollar
Pizza and popcorn
And fun for a dollar

300 people
At one dollar each
It raises some money
For student and teach

I’ve tried to write blogs
In prose loose and terse
But I finally decided
To do it in verse


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