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Cool Music for Kids

Is Kids’ Music Up to Snuff?

It seems whenever a new parent or music critic discovers the fertile field of family music today, they’re invariably shocked to find that it isn’t all bad. Supremely listenable kids’ music may be found, with a little digging.

Today’s parents demand material that fits their own musical tastes, but sometimes that demand can go a little too far. A recent story in the Guardian (UK) points out: “Ours is not the first generation to think that what younger people listen to is drivel; but we are perhaps the first generation conceited and self-centered enough to think we have to do something about it.” The writer, a music aficionado, is dismayed when his daughter becomes smitten by disco. He concludes, “It is not a parent’s place to meddle in their offspring’s music taste: you should let them discover music for themselves.”

Bottom line is, let the kids take the lead, and be there as the responsible DJ. Try to keep your children’s developmental and educational needs a priority when you choose music. It’s one thing to find music that you, as a parent, grandparent or caregiver, adore. But it’s always smart to think about your child’s wants and needs. Great choices blend sophisticated musicianship with lyrics that will relate to what your child experiences every day. So what if you don’t like folk music? Your kid might find its easy, sing-along style engaging. Your job is to expose kids to as many genres and styles as you can find.

Meanwhile, don’t turn your back on music written specifically for kids. It does not have to be stupid. As a recent prominent mom blogger, Elizabeth Thorp notes, “rockin’ kid songs DO exist if you look hard enough.”


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