As The Crow Flies – Caw # 4

Exercise Seats In Rota, Spain

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

Well I’ve never been to Spain
Oh wait, last year I went to Rota
I landed in Madrid
To fulfill my travel quota

The Rock Of Gibralta

Went to Cadiz and then Jerez
And I also saw Gibraltar
Where they have so many Apes
There was one there known as Walter

There’s a Naval Base in Rota
Where I did all my performing
The weather was so nice
And the sun was very warming

Got to travel with my friends
Maggie, Kathy, Wade and AJ
In fact AJ kept my shoes
And made them look a little stagey



Saw some dolphins in the sea
Saw them come and saw them vanish
Fui a la feria
Where I got to habla Spanish

I would like to go next year
Me gustaria ir el proximo ano
If in Spain you need the bathroom
Say donde esta el bano?


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