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As The Crow Flies – Caw #6

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

Deer Outside My Friend's Home in Boulder CO

Ah beautiful Colorado
It’s my favorite State
My visit was rewarding
And the concerts all went great

I did some shows in Denver
And the little town of Lyons
Some kindergarten students
Gave me dandelions

Dot The Cat Co-Producing my Recording

I stayed with friends in Boulder
And saw a ballgame too
The Rockies beat the Marlins
The score was 8 to 2

I made a new recording
A song called “Eight Strong Arms”
I wrote it for a movie
About Squid and all their “charms”

I did some school assemblies
And evening concerts too
I did grow up in Denver
On East 7th Avenue

Me at Meridian Elementary School

I saw a bunch of critters
Some foxes and some deer
And a friendly cat named Dot
Was my recording engineer

The best part of my tour
Was visiting my friends
Like Len who I grew up with
Our friendship never ends

So farewell Colorado
I had the perfect week
“America The Beautiful”
Was written on Pikes Peak


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As The Crow Flies – Caw # 5

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

The first week of March
Two Thousand and Ten
Time to do schools
In Las Vegas again

Old Route 66

Each year I’m invited
To sing and to speak
By the State of Nevada
For their Reading Week

A drive thru the desert
You cross the Mojave
With Joshua Tree cactus
And of course some Agave

The route that I take
Is on Old 66
It once was a main road
But is now in the sticks

Railroad Depot In Kelso CA

Old Railroad Depots
For the Union Pacific
The station in Kelso
Is really terrific

For 300 hundred miles
You see many features
Tarantulas rattle snakes
And various creatures

Cones made of cinder
And sand dunes that talk
And watch Desert Tortoises
How slowly they walk

The desert is quiet
Where beauty is found
Then off to Las Vegas
Where noises abound

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