As The Crow Flies Caw #8

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

A bear in Bothell

By: Dan Crow

I just spent two fun weeks
Singing in Seattle
A place with lots of water
Which I did without a paddle

I found Waldo at the Bothell Library

Snowqualmie Falls in Washington

I did some shows in Bothell
In Sammamish and Snowqualmie
They were with my bass player Dennis
So it was not just with all me

Went to Vancouver Island
To see friends and their dog Shasta
We tossed her sticks and Frisbees
And I’m sure there’s no dog fasta

My friend Dennis playing catch with Shasta on Vancouver Island

I ate some real good Salmon,
Halibut, blackberry pie and
Did more shows in Kirkland
And out on Mercer Island

Saw my good friends Amber,
Patty, Josh and Deena
And did a lot of hiking
I think there’s no place greena

Saw the Mariners play baseball
And I should have brought a mitt
Stayed way out near Gig Harbor
Across the Purdy Spit

I hope to go back next year
For more Seattle shows
Next week I’m in Portland
As my Northwest fan base grows


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