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Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

I got an old guitar and his name is Bob
Writing songs and singing is our full time job
We’ve been around the world and seen lots of things
The only thing that Bob enjoys are brand new strings

We’ve been to Portland, Oregon
And the Portland that’s in Maine
The Madrid in New Mexico
And the Madrid that’s in Spain

The Perris in California
And the Paris that’s in France
The famous Rome in Italy
And in Georgia just by chance

The Dublin in Ohio
And Dublin, Ireland too
New York City and Vatican City
And oh yes Kalamazoo

We’ve been to Frankfurt, Germany
And Frankfurt, Indiana
Ate some Mussels out in Brussels
And worked cattle in Montana

Seen the icy land of Greenland
And the green of Iceland too
Seen Alaska and Nebraska
Did I mention Kalamazoo?

We’ve been to Oxford, England
And to Oxford, Mississippi
We sang in San Francisco
Where we met a former hippie

We’ve been to towns that end with Falls
Like Idaho and Sioux
Klamath and Niagara
And Okanagan too

We went to Seoul, Korea
And had soul food in LA
Said Aloha to Hawaii
That’s our favorite place to stay

So I got an old guitar and his name is Bob
He got that name in Omaha while playing on the job
The kids that gave it to him said they really liked that name
We travel for the fun of it and never for the fame


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