As The Crow Flies Caw #10

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By: Dan Crow

Just got back from Florida
And warm Bonita Springs
Naples and Fort Myers
Where this Crow often sings

The students I performed for
Are in the Charter Schools
They all have to wear uniforms
And follow lots of rules

The day before I got there
A football player came
He once played tackle for the Colts
Shawn Harper is his name

He motivated all the kids
And this might make you laugh
He took a local telephone book
And tore the thing in half

The Southwest part of Florida
Is in the Everglades
They even have a hockey team
That’s called the Everblades

American Alligator

The Everglades are beautiful
But be careful if you’re waders
There are egrets and flamingos
But there’s also lots of gators

One animal that I like a lot
Is called the Florida Panther
There are not too many of them left
Which does deserve an anther



There’s lots of Mangrove waterways
With orchids and Palmettos
With Dolphins and the Manatees
Living in the outflows

Ed and Lenny's Pool

I saw my friends Lenny and Ed
A place to stay and chat
And see my favorite feline friend
His name is Hobbs the cat

Hobbs The Cat

So here’s to Okeechobee Lake
And the Suwannee River Valley
And driving Florida east to west
On Alligator Alley


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