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As The Crow Flies Caw # 12

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

by Dan Crow

My recent tour of Belgium was the opposite of awful
Sure enjoyed the Belgian Chocolate
And of course the Belgian waffle

The people dressed so splendidly
I liked them very much
Half of them were speaking French
The other half spoke Dutch

The place I did my many shows
Is a vital NATO Base
With families from all over Europe
They came from every place

Some of them from Germany
From Belgium and from Spain
From Norway and from Italy
And Some from the Ukraine

Brass monkey in the town square in Mons, Belgium

Some of them from Canada
From Turkey and from Greece
Many from America
All countries there for peace

The Base is near the town of Mons
With Brussels very close
SHAPE is what the place is called
That acronym they chose

Shape Elementary

The S of it is for Supreme
The H is for Headquarters
The A is for the Allied troops
That guard so many borders

The P of it stands for Powers
The E for Europe ready
All together they make SHAPE
Effected by spaghetti

I made so many brand new friends
Like Kristy, Art and Miles
Meadow, Morgan, Megan, Max
The memory brings me smiles

So here’s to all my Belgian friends
From Bruges to Mons to Brussels
And all the things we ate and drank
Especially the mussels

Thank-you Merci


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