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As The Crow Flies Caw # 13

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

Fair Okinawa
Is a lovely spiritual land
In the Ryuku Islands
Off the mainland of Japan

The people of Okinawa
All speak Japanese
Where Arigato stands for thank you
And dozo that means please

They eat sushi and sashimi
With hot wasabi spice
A bowl of soba noodles
And every meal has rice

I traveled round the Island
To almost everyplace
The capital of Naha
And Kadena Air Force Base

The Marine Base at Camp Courtney
And to Camp Foster too
To Zuckeran and Bechtel
Made more friends than a few

They have a giant Buddha
The biggest one on Earth
They made it out of lacquer
It’s value beyond worth

The people of Okinawa
Are courteous and kind
Among the nicest friends
You’ll ever hope to find

Did concerts at Kadena
Where fun was had by all
They have a squid and whale
That’s painted on the fall

So I say sayonara
Down Okinawa way
I hope I get to come back soon
I sure enjoyed the stay


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