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As The Crow Flies Caw #15

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

Another trip to Germany
A favorite place to visit
They say the folks don’t smile much
But that’s not true now is it?

They’re actually quite caring
And willing to assist
But if you’re bad or make a mess

Cow on the back of a German truck

They’ll slap you on the wrist

I love the signs that make you laugh
Because they’re kinda silly
I love to walk in Heidelberg
It’s beautiful and hilly

I often go to Ramstein
And Mannheim and Baumholder
I hope to go for years to come
Of course while getting older

Philosopher's walk in Heidelberg, Germany

I like the taste of gulashsuppe
And now and then some schnitzel
Brotchen is the word for bread
And bretzel just means pretzel

The German word for vegetables
Is the funny word gemuse
Gemooose is what Deutsche cows eat
That’s one joke you can use a

I did some shows in Schweinfurt
In German that means pigtown
It really is a lovely place
And not a very bigtown

The music is so classical
Like Bach who played the organ
And Beethoven at morning time
That makes a guten morgen

My friend's daughter, Carla, with Grimm' fairytale poster in Heidelberg

So all and all the Deutsche are fine
And the opposite of awful
And if you like potato salad
It’s salat mit kartoffel


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