As The Crow Flies Caw #18

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

It’s Spargel time in Germany
I’m here to do some shows
Spargel is asparagus
That stays white as it grows

Dan Crow with a giant spargel in Reilingen, Germany

Spargel can be used in soup
And as a salad base
It’s also good with hollandaise
And I could eat a case

Asparagus is often green
And that is only right
But never let it feel the sun
And that’s how it grows white

I also like the strawberries
They grow them everywhere
Very plump and very sweet
The German word erdbeer (like bear)

Dan Crow with an Erdbeer in Reilingen, Germany

One place I have sung a lot
Is one I liked the most
It’s sad that it is closing down
It’s Mannheim Army Post

Used since 1946
After World War Two
The USA will let it go
And the history that it knew

I am so honored to be asked
To do a final show
2,000 students, now just a few
It’s sad to see it go

Dan Crow Deserted family housing at Mannheim Army Post in Germany

I’ve been there for the final days
Of more than just one Post
La Maddelena, Kitzingen
And Iceland I miss most

Oh so many changes
And be that as it should
I have always held the belief
That any change is good

Dan Crow on  The Way in Speyer, Germany.

Dan Crow on The Way in Speyer, Germany.


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