As The Crow Flies Caw # 19 (AURORA)

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By: Dan Crow
Aurora - West Junior High

Aurora – West Junior High

Fulton Elementary

Fulton Elementary

Central High

Central High

Fulton Elementary School
And then West Junior High
My home on 7th Avenue
And Aurora Central High

Places that I went to school
Each with their own aura
All are in a memory bank
Of my hometown of Aurora

Yes it is the one you know
Touched by tragedy
A city feeling depths of pain
That was so good to me

The love of family and friends
And girlfriends that I kissed
A place where all my dreams were born
Where nightmares now exist

My memories of playing ball
Tag and hide and seek
The pancake days at City Park
A life not so unique

Aurora is community
I’m proud it was my home
It always is a part of me
No matter where I roam

When this horror took it’s hold
And all those lives were lost
I thought this can’t be my hometown
And what’s the future cost?

I just want all the world to know
This wounded town’s alive
And Aurora, Colorado
Always will survive




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