As The Crow Flies Caw #21 “Broncrows”

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

By Dan Crow

On January 12, 2013, in the middle of a performing tour in Germany, I went to watch the Broncos vs. Ravens playoff game. I was sitting between a German and a Greek Raven fan watching American Football in an Irish Pub in Heidelberg, Germany on Armed Forces Network and this what I was inspired to write.

I’ve loved The Denver Broncos
Since I was just a kid
My Dad bought season tickets
And I’m so glad he did

Mile High Stadium

Mile High Stadium

Broncos Old Uniform

Broncos Old Uniform

Our seats were in “The South Stands”
A great view of the field
The stadium a Mile High
So keep your eyeballs peeled

I remember 1960 when
The Broncos came to town
The uniforms were hideous
In mustard gold and brown

They wore the most outrageous socks
The lines went up and down
For those who know, that’s vertical
Still mustard gold and brown

Tripucka was the quarterback
The fans would call him Frank
Cookie Gilchrist ran the ball
Just like a Sherman Tank

The team was in The AFL
The American Football League
The old established NFL
Thought they all were weak

After 1969
The leagues combined as one
And that is when the Bronco team
Started all the fun

They battled with The Seahawks
The Chargers and The Chiefs
The Raiders were the most despised
A team of thugs and thieves

We had so many stars to watch
Floyd Little was the best
Mecklenburg and Gradishar
The Orange Crush passed the test

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

The Broncos wore new uniforms
Navy blue and orange
I had a poster in my room
Right next to the door hinge
John Elway

John Elway

Then came 1983
A miracle from heaven
The great John Elway came to town
The famous number 7

He took us to 3 Super Bowls
Each of which we lost
The Redskins really broke my heart
My confidence the cost

But then came 98 and 9
All our dreams came true
Terrell Davis led the way
For Champion Orange and Blue

Then John Elway quit the field
And went to selling cars
Cutler came and Jake The Snake
But they aren’t really stars

Then Tim Tebow came to town
Providing many thrills
He gave us all the heart he had
But not so much the skills

Nowadays it’s Peyton Place
And Manning is The Man
The Raven loss was such a shock
How much more can we stand

That game was so hard to watch
I’m too dry for a tear
And I never liked that bad cliché
We always have next year!

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

Dan Crow


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