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jpegIt’s almost time for the annual phenomenon known as the summer road trip. Whether you’ll be traveling to see grandma and grandpa or simply packing for a music festival, you will have to find creative ways to keep the kids happy and your sanity intact.

In fact, a summer music festival is a very smart destination when you’re traveling avec la famille. “Your summer might begin this weekend at any number of festivals in your town, or journey to the Hudson River Valley next month for the Clearwater Festival.

In July and August, you might travel to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. And, Lollapalooza will once again host a Kidzapalooza stage.

Parenting sites are full of advice for maintaining sanity during long car trips, including the tips from Coolmompicks and Today’s Parent.

Music can be an enormous help, and the old stand-byes like “99 bottles” and “The Wheels on the Bus” work for awhile (check out CafeMom’s list of favorite tune, here.

Pretty soon, though, “The Song that Never Ends” loses its charm, and you long for alternatives.

So, in honor of the launch of summer 2013, we’re offering a new playlist of interesting independent family music. These are one-of-a-kind tunes, like the “Honk Honk” rocker by Toronto’s The Monkey Bunch, thought pieces by Justin Roberts and Shine and the Moonbeams, folky sing-alongs from Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke, and a quiet lullaby, “Down at the Sea Hotel,” from Montreal-based The Secret Mountain.

For this week only, until June 1st, we’re offering a new Summer Road Trip 2013 set of tunes as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Click over here to listen, then download them all or just the ones you like best.


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