Big Block Singsong Volume One – A Review By John Wood

John Wood

John Wood

Big Block Singsong Volume One, Warren Brown & Adam Goddard, Kaboom! Entertainment and Phase 4 Films; 2014; DVD $12.99; “Who knew that being so square could be so cool! Big Block Singsong is a terrific musical visual DVD romp. Creators Warren Brown and Adam Goddard have hit the creative mother-load here – what seems so simple is so deceiving in its well-designed construction – the ‘simple’ individual block characters sing a two-minute nicely produced song that covers subjects from noses and hair to emotions of sadness and happiness, so you see the sky’s the limit, or not. Two of my favorite pieces are ‘Octopus’ who is so so proud of his eight legs and ‘Moose’ who touts the joys of visiting the park. If I was a betting man I’d bet you couldn’t watch just one, could you, I bet not.”

John Wood (Kidzmusic)

Big Block Cover

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