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Fun New Songs for Earth Day – By Beth Blenz Clucas


If it’s spring, it’s time to clear out, clean up and generally get rid of “Too Much Junk.” A new single by New York electro-pop artist Elska might be just the inspiration you need to clear out those overfilled toy boxes.

The single was produced with Wilco artist Mikael Jorgensen and it is available HERE. The “Too Much Junk” music video was just released, too!

Another thing to think about now that the days are brighter and warmer is how to get all of those device-plugged kiddos outside for some good old-fashioned vitamin D. Portland tunester Cat Doorman has the right tracks to the outdoors, with her new digital EP “Calling All the Kids to the Yard.”

These poppy songs manage to be smart and sweet at the same time. You’ll be amazed at her rendition of the classic children’s song “All the Pretty Little Horses,” too.

A band I love from L.A., Earthworm Ensemble, is a group of alt.Americana artists who have played at Alberta Rose Theater as the band I See Hawks in LA.

Catch a sampler of their songs here, and check out the Earthworm Ensemble website and for album release news on April 21st.

All of these are super song choices for your spring break road trips, too.

Guaranteed not to drive you mad.

Let us know what you’re listening to this season



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As The Crow Flies CAW # 23

Dan Crow

Dan Crow

As The Crow
Caw #23

Spent two weeks in Napoli
In Roma and Capri
A lovely time in Sicily
A place I love to be

Pam and I in Capri, Italy

Pam and I in Capri, Italy

In Naples I did several shows
And had good times with friends
The Eisele’s and de Luca’s
The meal never ends

Dinner with The De Luca's and other friends

Dinner with The De Luca’s and other friends

You start with anti-pastas
Linguine then some fish
More pasta then some barbecue
And I love every dish

And though they speak Italian
My Spanish helped me some
We all love to laugh and sing
No matter where we’re from

Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples

Went to Mount Vesuvius
And the city of Pompeii
Volcanoes are so common there
Like Etna by the way

I saw Monte Cassino
Where a Dad was in the War
The gray Volturno River
And the Bay of Naples shore

I like Italian culture
The language and the food
But most of all I love my friends
They help my attitude

Pam and Paul Eisele in Naples, Italy

Pam and Paul Eisele in Naples, Italy

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